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Gloucestershire Registration Service


If you have a ceremony booking with us - please click on 'Guest' to login to your Ceremony Hub.  (Coming Soon)


*Please note that if you live in Gloucestershire, and you have a login to our ceremony hub, please book your notice appointments within your hub and not the links below.


If you live in Gloucestershire and your ceremony is out of county:


  • To book an Appointment to give Notice of Marriage, please click here (Coming Soon)
  • To book an Appointment to give Notice of Civil Partnership, please click here (Coming Soon)



To book an appointment to register a Birth or Death or order a Copy of a Certificate, please click on the menu button (3 lines at the top right, next to the home button)  Alternatively please use the following links:


  • Birth Appointment - please click here


  • Death Appointment - please click here


  • Purchase a certificate - please click here 


Gloucestershire County Council will use the data you provide for the sole purpose of making your appointment with the Registration Service.  Your personal details will be retained for a maximum of 2 years and will not be passed to any other parties or used for any other purpose.

© Zipporah Ltd.